Why technical writing?

Martin Kaschke
3 min readJan 22, 2021

In the following article, I would like to describe my thoughts on one of my top 10 goals for 2021: write more technical articles. But before I am telling you why I would like to write more articles and why I am constantly fighting to do so, I would like to describe why I haven’t started until last November 2020.

Why I haven’t started yet!

  • Writing is still something that not comes naturally to me. Like most (I guess) of the “technical people,” it was not something that I am really focused on in the past, and there are so many things to learn and to code, multiple projects, kids, and a job, that makes it difficult to find the time to write articles.
  • There are many very well written articles and documentation, videos about almost any topic on the internet, why should I also add my thoughts to those topics.
  • The pros and cons about what languages I should use, German or English, were major blockers because German is much easier to write, but the whole internet is in English… I guess you get the point and a lot of not native English speakers have this challenge.
  • And when I would like to start writing, I need a platform, a blog, so which platform is the right one to start with? You can google for hours to answer this question.

Why I started!

  • I want to sort some topics and get a deeper understanding of a certain technical topic. So I always have a long list of topics and concepts that I describe as “ I have a good general understanding of it.” Still, I am not very happy that I have no deep knowledge about it, so writing about it allows me to get much deeper into a specific topic, google more, and read more about it.
  • Writing and structuring an article about a specific topic helps me understand the topic even better and get a deeper, more long-term understanding of a specific technical topic.
  • I would like to help others to learn new stuff or to better understand cloud fundamental (Currently most of my articles are about technical basics of the cloud, Hypervisor,…)
  • And the last one: Improving my written English is a good side-effect, and I think I will only get better while doing it.

Final words